About us

National History Month

The annual National History Month, October 2024 for the twenty-first time, is proudly presented by the Dutch Open Air Museum. In 2012, the museum began coordinating the event and the network, aiming to fulfil a leading role in the national field of history. Doing so, The Dutch Open Air Museum creates a ‘history buzz’.


  • Having a leading role in the national field of history, both in and outside the museum
  • Connecting the field: tangible/ intangible heritage, local history to (inter)national history
  • Inspiring people to understand society through learning about history
  • Revealing history in all its shapes

Our endeavour is highlighted by our slogan – “Discover the past, understand the present”.

What it is

  • Largest history event in the Netherlands
  • Hundreds of special themed activities. 2024: Echt nep!.
  • Several partners - from national broadcasters to sector associations
  • Hundreds of participating cultural organizations and libraries
  • Special history programs on television, radio and on the internet
  • Hundreds of book stores selling an essay dedicated to the year’s theme

Results 2023

  • Brand awareness: 48% of Dutch population
  • Reach: 600.000 visitors (2023)
  • Media value (online, radio and television): 1.5 million euros

Contact information

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum (Dutch Open Air Museum)
PO BOX 649, 6800 AP Arnhem
Hoeferlaan 4, 6816 SG Arnhem
T +31 (0) 26 20 06 505
E maand[@]